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RGB Warped sends you to an insane psychedelic world based on classic 80's arcade games. In this bizarre adventure, you'll be dodging giant centipedes, escaping from rogue playing cards, avoiding meteors, and running from giant floating heads. 

Use "invisible" touch controls to pick up collectibles, avoid enemies, and chain combos. You will need to balance speed and precision, recognize patterns, and fight your way through a crazy landscape of 80's Americana & arcade psychedelia.

Featuring an original soundtrack with tracks by:  Niv BavarskyCam FloydTEEEL and M.O.O.N

Game Features:
• 100 levels
• Unlockable game modes, add-ons and 'game-changers'
• Intense/challenging arcade gameplay
• Original music soundtrack
• Arcade and Chapter game modes

Health & Safety
Photosensitive epilepsy: If you have a history of epilepsy or seizures, consult a doctor before use. Certain patterns may trigger seizures with no prior history.





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