A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Platform (literally) your way through 7 puzzle/action levels. In this platformer, you can't control Tori the hero, but instead work with her, controlling the platforms.

Design / Coding / Art - @willemrosenthal (Willem)

Music - @chordbug (Lynn)

Install instructions

Controls (Keyboard & Mouse):

  • Shift (hold) = slow down time
  • Mouse = move cursor
  • Z = cycle blocks left
  • X = cycle blocks left
  • Click = place block
  • Escape = restart from checkpoint

Controls (Gamepad)

  • Left Trigger (hold) = slow down time
  • Right stick (or) Left stick = move cursor
  • Right Trigger = place block
  • D-pad Left = cycle blocks left
  • D-pad Right = cycle blocks left
  • B/Y (Xbox) or Triangle/Circle (PS4) = restart from checkpoint


WalkieTori.zip 17 MB
WalkieTori 32bit.zip 12 MB
WalkieTori 64bit.zip 15 MB


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This is awesome!!!!!!!!! edit: this would be a great mobile game now that i think about it.

Great platforming game! Release it on the Switch already :)